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Psychological Development and Wellbeing







Psychological Development and Wellbeing concern the psychological state that every person feels and experiences during the different phases of the life cycle.

According to the definition given by the World Health Organization (1946) "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

However, Health and Wellbeing are dynamic states, always in need of continuous re-definition, and they can vary from person to person and in different times of life.

In any determined phave of life, external or internal situations can contribute to changes that one can find it difficult to cope with. 

This is the time to seek for help and to start promoting a change, before the current situation becomes too difficult and impacts on other aspects of life.

The role of a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist is to assess the client's psychological experience in order to get to a broader understanding and eventually offer an appropriate treatment.

Enquiries about psychoanalysis are welcome for those interested in this form of treatment and are looking for a deeper approach to their recurrent struggles in life.


Research in psychology comprehends any work undertaken with appropriate methods leading to an increased understanding of human thoughts, feelings, behavior, relationships. The applied aim of such research is to reach a creative improvement in human life, either as individuals or as communities. 

I have been working as coordinator in the following research projects at European and International level:

PhD Research Project 2007-2011: ‘Visual Impairment and mentalization: a study on Theory of Mind as socio-cognitive competence and performance ability in blind children’, University of Pavia (Italy)

Eurosupport, Phase IV 2002-04: Improving psychosocial support for caregivers living with HIV and their children  (Agreement SPC.2002418)

Eurosupport, Phase V 2005-08: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health of Persons Living with HIV in Europe (Grant   Agreement Nr. 2004314)

SEYPA 2003-04: Combating Social Exclusion of Young People affected by HIV/AIDS  

European Joint Action Plan Phase 3 2003-04Youth AIDS Peer Education,  (SPC 2002443)  

Fellowship 'G.B. Rossi’  2003: "HIV Disclosure to HIV infected adolescents. Psychological consequences and intervention proposals”, ANLAIDS (National Association Against AIDS) NGO, Roma (Italy)

Fellowship “Piertomaso Tessitore” 2001-02: "Evidenced Base Strategies on Alcohol use and abuse", Pharmaceutics C.T. and Italian Society of Alcohology

Researcher National Institute of Health 2001-02: "Evaluation, monitoring, prevention strategies and training on Alcohol, drugs and tobacco use and abuse"Istituto Superiore di Sanità – ISS, Roma (Italy)

Drink-Less: A WHO Collaborative Study 1998-2000: "The promotion of Early Identification and Brief Intervention (EIBI) Strategies for alcohol related problems", Collaborative Centre, Alcohol and Nutrition Studies, University Hospital Careggi, Florence (Italy)